The organization consists of many volunteers and a few employees. Please don't contact us individually about Tor topics — if you have a problem or question, please look through the contact page for appropriate addresses.

Core Tor People

Sue Abt, Accountant and Finance
Sue runs Tor's finances and audit compliance.
Micah Anderson
Helps with tracking bad relays. Runs one of the directory authorities.
Jacob Appelbaum, Advocate, Security Researcher, and Developer
Speaks at conferences and gives trainings all over the world to get people excited about Tor, explain how Tor is used in real world situations, and generally explain why anonymity online matters to you. Original developer of ttdnsd, Tor check, Tor DNSEL, and Tor weather site. Runs one of the directory authorities.
Isabela Bagueros, Project Manager
Coordinates Tor's development teams and helps them define their road maps, keeps track of priorities, and ensures that Tor is always thinking “user first” while building things.
Moritz Bartl, Advocate
Manages Zwiebelfreunde (a German non-profit to run exit relays), and coordinates the many similar non-profits that are springing up in other countries. Speaks and organizes in support of Tor and freedoms in Europe and world-wide.
Griffin Boyce, Developer
Works on Cupcake, a set of browser extensions to let people volunteer to become a Flash Proxy for censored users. Also develops Satori, an app to help people safely download Tor Browser and related tools.
Kathleen Brade, Developer
Part of the Tor Browser team — develops and maintains Tor Launcher and Torbutton.
Arlo Breault, Developer
Rewrote Tor Check so now it can handle all our users, and helps with Flash Proxy and other pluggable transport work. Also working on Tor Messenger, and on Snowflake.
John Brooks, Ricochet Developer
Leads Ricochet, a decentralized chat system where every user is an onion service. Also a core contributor to Tor onion service development.
Colin Childs, Translation Coordinator and Support
Helps wrangle Transifex for us, and also helps answer all the users who contact the support desk.
Erinn Clark
Erinn used to be our build and automation engineer. Now she has a day job at First Look Media, and remains active in the general privacy space.
Roger Dingledine, Project Leader, Director, Research Director
Original developer of Tor along with Nick Mathewson and Paul Syverson. Leading researcher in the anonymous communications field. Frequent speaker at conferences to advocate Tor and explain what Tor is and can do. Helps coordinate academic researchers. Runs one of the directory authorities.
Nima Fatemi, Advocate
Usability team, Farsi advocate, Library Freedom Project developer.
David Fifield, Developer, Researcher
Developer and co-inventor of Flash Proxy and meek. Helps lead the pluggable transports team. Grad student at Berkeley.
Arturo Filastò, OONI Leader
Project leader for OONI, has helped with tor2web, wrote Atlas, and generally helps to evaluate and improve security.
Matt Finkel, Developer
Has helped maintain and develop BridgeDB, OONI, and many other projects.
Nathan Freitas, Mobile phone hacker
The driving force behind The Guardian Project and Tor on the Android platform in the form of Orbot. He also works on OrLib: an Android library for Tor, and Orweb: A privacy-enhanced mobile browser.
Aaron Gibson, Developer
Used to develop OONI, and now works on Torflow.
Dr. Ian Goldberg, Director, Researcher
Cryptographer, privacy expert, and professor; one of the designers of Off-the-Record Messaging.
David Goulet, Developer
Onion services developer, core member of Tor development team, and lead developer of Torsocks 2.0.
Marie Gutbub, Advocate
Helps educate the world about the value of Tor, especially in Europe.
Sebastian Hahn, Developer
Helps people around the world use and understand Tor better. Generally helps everything run smoothly. Runs one of the directory authorities.
Serene Han, Developer
Develops Snowflake, a WebRTC-enabled Flash Proxy design. Part of the pluggable transport team.
intrigeri, Developer
Our main interface with the Tails project.
Isis, Developer
Lead maintainer and developer on BridgeDB. Used to work on OONI.
Leiah Jansen, Designer
Helps make all of our cool logos, designs, stickers, graphics, and so on. Invented the awesome new "roots" Tor logo.
Dr. Rob Jansen, Researcher
Lead developer for Shadow, a full Tor network simulator that he's using to help us understand and improve Tor network performance.
Dr. Aaron Johnson, Researcher
Works on understanding diversity and trust in Tor network locations. See for example the CCS 2013 paper.
Damian Johnson, Developer
Author of arm, a command-line application that provides real-time status information for Tor relays, and Stem, a controller library for interacting with Tor.
asn, Developer
Onion services developer, core member of Tor development team, Obfsproxy developer, and researcher on bridge scanning resistance.
Georg Koppen, Developer
Works on Tor Browser, Torbutton, and our build automation.
Kate Krauss, Director of Communications and Public Policy
Plans Tor's communications strategy and evaluates Tor's possible role in pubic discussions about Tor-related issues.
Jens Kubieziel, Sysadmin
Helps keep our core infrastructure going.
Pepijn Le Heux, Advocate
Tireless advocate and Tor enthusiast in the Netherlands.
Tom Leckrone
Helps make sure everything runs smoothly. Coordinates logistics and people and everything in between.
Andreas Lehner, Advocate
Operates a directory authority in Germany with the CCC, and does talks and discussions in support of privacy around Europe.
Israel Leiva, Developer
Develops GetTor, a service that provides alternative methods to download Tor Browser.
Dr. Karsten Loesing, Metrics Researcher and Developer
Primary researcher and developer into anonymous metrics which started as a National Science Foundation grant.
Originally helped lead the support team, Debian packaging, and Tor Weekly News issues. Now working on Reproducible Builds.
Ximin Luo
Helps with Debian packaging.
Alison Macrina, Advocate
Leads the Library Freedom Project: helps the world understand the value of Tor, and also helps strengthen the network with exit relays at libraries.
Nick Mathewson, Chief Architect, Vice President, Researcher, Director
One of the three original designers of Tor—does a lot of the ongoing design work, and coordinates and leads ongoing development.
meejah, Developer
Author of txtorcon, a Tor controller library in Twisted.
Ondrej Mikle
Maintains our RPM packages.
Kelley Misata, Advocate
Teaches many people about the value of privacy, especially in the contexts of domestic violence and cyber stalking.
Julius Mittenzwei, Director
Germany-based lawyer and Internet activist.
Dr. Steven Murdoch, Researcher and Developer
Researcher at University College London who works on security, performance, and usability of Tor. Original creator of the Tor Browser Bundle (now just called the Tor Browser). You can find out more about his work on his professional website.
Linus Nordberg, Advocate, Developer
Swedish advocate for Tor, anonymous communications research, and employee at NORDUnet. Works on implementing IPv6 in Tor, and helps with build automation. Runs one of the directory authorities.
Donncha O'Cearbhaill, Developer
Onion services developer, OnionBalance developer, hunter of bad relays.
Peter Palfrader, Sysadmin and Developer
Manages the Debian packages, runs one of the directory authorities, and generally helps out a lot.
Mike Perry, Tor Browser and Tor Performance Developer
Lead developer on Tor Browser, developer of Torbutton, author of TorFlow. Runs one of the directory authorities.
Fabio Pietrosanti, Advocate and Developer
Originally involved with Tor2Web, and is now our connection to the Globaleaks project.
Amogh Pradeep, Developer
Leads the development of Orfox, which is shaping up to be the Tor Browser equivalent for Android.
Sina Rabbani, Advocate
Does trainings and outreach. Runs one of the directory authorities.
Leif Ryge, Developer
Works on security analysis, designer of "bananaphone" transport, and part of the pluggable transports team.
Wendy Seltzer, Director
Lawyer, cyberlaw professor, and founder of
Andrea Shepard, Developer
Works with Nick as a core Tor developer.
Sukhbir Singh, Developer
Develops and maintains TorBirdy (Torbutton for Thunderbird). Rewrote and maintains Gettor. Working on Tor Messenger.
Mark Smith, Developer
Part of the Tor Browser team — develops and maintains Tor Launcher and Torbutton.
Shari Steele, Executive Director
Shari comes to the Tor Project with more than 22 years of experience fighting for Internet freedom at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a nonprofit civil liberties organization working for digital rights. Shari started out as a staff attorney at EFF and worked her way up to the executive director job. She currently serves on EFF's board.
Dr. Paul Syverson, Researcher
Inventor of Onion Routing, original designer of Tor along with Roger and Nick, and project leader for original design, development, and deployment of Tor. Currently helps out with research and design.
Noel David Torres Taño
Spanish translator; helps answer all the users who contact the support desk.
Rabbi Rob Thomas, Director
Shares his experience with smoothly running non-profits, and also serves as our Internet governance bureaucracy guru.
Juris Vetra
Helps run, and also volunteers distributing Tor shirts and other swag.
Nicolas Vigier, Developer
Working on build automation, particularly around the Tor Browser.
Tim Wilson-Brown, Developer
Onion services developer, and core member of Tor development team.
Philipp Winter, Researcher
Understands how to manipulate and circumvent Tor network censorship attempts. Main developer of ScrambleSuit, and part of the pluggable transports team. Post-doc at Princeton.
Yawning, Developer
Lead developer on obfs4proxy and other pluggable transports. Part of the pluggable transports team.