Ways to Donate to Tor

The Tor Project offers the following donation methods:

Donate via Amazon

Amazon Payments allows you to donate to Tor via several different mechanisms using an Amazon account.

Donate via Amazon Payments »

Donate via Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile allows you to donate 0.5% of your Amazon purchases to the Tor Project.

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Donate via Dwolla

Dwolla is a peer to peer payment platform which allows users to exchange money quickly, safely, at a lower cost.

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Donate via European Bank Transfer

For European bank transfers, we have an arrangement with the Renewable Freedom Foundation to provide tax-deductible donations for Europeans. (They don't actually pass the money through to us, but rather we trust them to spend it in Tor's interest.) They will issue a donation receipt upon request. The account information is as follows:

Renewable Freedom Foundation
IBAN: DE17721500000053693701
Sparkasse Ingolstadt
Rathausplatz 6
85049 Ingolstadt

Contact us at donations@torproject.org for more donation details.