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The Tor community of software and services aims to make your Internet experience safer and better.

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The Tor Browser contains everything you need to safely browse the Internet. This package requires no installation. Just extract it and run.

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Arm is a terminal status monitor for Tor, intended for command-line aficionados and ssh connections. This functions much like top does for system usage, providing real time information on Tor's resource utilization and state.

Analytics for the Tor network, including graphs of its available bandwidth and estimated userbase. This is a great resource for researchers interested in detailed statistics about Tor.

Tor Messenger is a cross-platform chat program that aims to be secure by default and sends all of its traffic over Tor.

Obfsproxy is a pluggable transports proxy. It shapes Tor traffic, making it harder for censors to detect and block the Tor protocol.

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Web-based protocol to learn about currently running Tor relays and bridges.

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In collaboration with The Guardian Project, we're developing Tor on the Google Android mobile operating system. A related application is Orlib; a library for use by any Android application to route Internet traffic through Orbot/Tor.

Shadow is a discrete-event network simulator that runs the real Tor software as a plug-in. Shadow is open-source software that enables accurate, efficient, controlled, and repeatable Tor experimentation.

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Python library for applications and scripts that interact with Tor.

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The Amnesic Incognito Live System is a live CD/USB distribution preconfigured so that everything is safely routed through Tor and leaves no trace on the local system.

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TorBirdy is Torbutton for Thunderbird and related *bird forks.

Tor2web allows Internet users to browse websites running in Tor hidden services. It trades user anonymity for usability by allowing anonymous content to be distributed to non-anonymous users.

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Python and Twisted event-based implementation of the Tor control protocol. Unit-tests, state and configuration abstractions, documentation. On PyPI and in Debian.


The Open Observatory of Network Interference, is a global observation network which aims is to collect high quality data using open methodologies, using Free and Open Source Software (FL/OSS) to share observations and data about the various types, methods, and amounts of network tampering in the world.

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